New Indications for Possibility of 9th Planet

The sheer mention of the existence of more planets in our solar system excites us! If you too feel the same way, there is exciting news for you. Recent studies on planets and our solar system are giving indications for the existence of a new planet. In the last few years, the possibility of a new planet or the ninth planet has aroused curiosity in scientists and space explorers all over the world. It has also been said earlier that this ninth planet is located so far away from the sun that it could not have been discovered yet. Till now, there have been hot debates and talks regarding the chances of a new planet in our solar system, but no definite conclusion has been given yet. But the recent planetary science studies are now indicating that we are progressing and getting near to the truth.

During the last week, an international team presented few pieces of evidence that indicated towards the possibility of a new planet in our solar system. The study said that the ninth world is affecting the performance of BP519, an oddball object.

Earlier, the members working at the Caltech lab were trying to figure out that the new planet existed in the outer boundaries of our solar system. Their study was based on the tiny icy things, and the lab members were studying the orbit paths of those small icy objects. The study members carefully observed that the ways of those small icy things were getting disturbed due to some gravitational force. So the question came to the minds of the researchers that what was influencing the behavior of those paths. They were also compelled to think that most probably there is a ninth planet and the gravitational attraction was coming from it. The team members also estimated that the new planet might be four times bigger than Earth and it can be ten times in mass when compared to our own planet Earth. This fact about size and mass of the so-called ‘ninth planet’ will make it stand in the category of exoplanets that are discovered orbiting around other stars. Such planets are called Super-Earths. It is an interesting fact to know that there are many such planets but till now no such planet has been discovered in our solar system. If the new indications prove true, we will need to change our textbooks’ content with the addition of the ninth planet in our solar system.

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