What is Uganda’s regulator pens satellite connectivity deal all about?

Recently the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has entered into a partnership with Intelsat SA and Gilat Satellite Networks. The goal of this partnership is to serve with really high-speed telecom services to the rural areas of the country which are under-served at present. People of rural areas have no access to good telecom facilities at present.

According to this agreement, the UCC will leverage IntelsatOne Mobile Reach Solar 3G services which are provided via satellite internet connectivity firm’s 37th satellite, as well as the SkyEdge II-c multi-application from Gilat Satellite Networks.

Godfrey Mutabazi, Executive Director of UCC, said almost our 80% population lives in rural area. The number of people living in rural or isolated areas which have very little access to good telecom facilities is quite significant. Therefore this is a technological as well as a budgetary challenge. With the help of this combined effort and innovative approach, it is believed that the citizens who are living in the most isolated areas with less or no telecom facilities are soon going to experience the reliable connectivity.

With this partnership, it is expected that other telecom operators present in the telecom industry like MTN will also be benefited. MTN stated that UCC partnership with Intelsat and Gilat is going to facilitate them for expanding their networks. As it will contribute to increasing their present customer base and they will get an opportunity to serve new clients.

Gordon Kyomukama, MTN Uganda’s Technical Director, said, “At MTN, we are extending the footprints of our network with an aim to ensure that we can connect more people. And our aim will always remain a priority for our company.” Also, we are looking forward to some new and innovative ways which we can use effectively for extending our networks. Along with different goals of a business, serving society and contributing it to making it a better place to live is also a goal which every company should accomplish.

Every society deserves to be connected, and therefore we are looking forward to providing people in our rural areas with one of the best telecom services and provide them with good experience. This is an excellent initiative taken by Uganda Communications Commission. People face a lot of difficulty with no or less telecom facility, and their life is much tricky because of this. With this partnership, it is expected their life will become accessible with good telecom facilities.

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