Richard Branson and his Grand Plans of Visiting Space in ‘Months’

Business magnate Richard Branson is trying to speed up the process of his visit to the outer space. According to BBC Radio 4, the business tycoon disclosed that he wants his outer space visit to happen in few months and not years. As we speak, Richard Branson is undergoing training (fitness and astronaut) for his grand trip to the outer space.

Branson is not clear as to when this will happen, but he is sure that the trip is scheduled to happen within this year! He will be blasting himself into space in just a few months and Branson aims to get Virgin Galactic off the ground. Just so you know, Virgin Galactic is a space travel company and Richard Branson is the boss.

The business tycoon is keen to be the first tourist to travel to space and experience it himself before the world gets comfortable in the Virgin Galactic.

‘’There are exciting times ahead’’, said the Galactic boss to the media. The question is – Is space tourism possible? Will Richard Branson’s tour be successful?

We can only count on Branson’s tour to the outer space. He is undergoing intensive training and is on his way to becoming fitter for the mission. All the astronauts have to undergo G-force training, and Branson is not leaving any stone unturned. The trip is going to be a game-changer because it will be a message for the world that the Virgin Galactic is a safe flight for outer space travel.

Once Branson is back and the Virgin Galactic is off the ground for people, it will still create social gaps as the first few tickets would be expensive. It will take some time for the tickets to be cheaper! Isn’t that better? Our planet is overcrowded and we wouldn’t want to pollute the outer space.

Well, Branson does believe that he will be off the ground in few months’ time but only time can tell that! He is yet to deliver his big promises, and the whole world is waiting for the success of this mission. It was just last year when Branson told CNBC that he would be extremely disappointed if he did not leave for space within six months. This was in the year 2017 in the month of October! 6 months have passed, and he continues to say that it is still some ‘months’ away.

Let us hope that Branson has a ‘safe’ flight to outer space. If the mission is successful, it does open up doors for many people to explore the universe. A much-awaited dream!

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